How to Lose Weight with Vegetarian Diets and Maintain Body weight

Weight loss is possible and keeps the weight, too. But for that you must always remember a series of basic principles. Take note:

? Look a realistic and sensible. You should aim for a healthy weight for your age and body composition. The body mass index should always be between 18.5 and 25.

? Get in the hands of a doctor. If it is not to lose a few kilos, go to a specialist to ensure healthy weight loss.

? Do not take slimming drugs on your own. The drugs diet must be prescribed by a doctor and used only when the combination of diet and exercise has not been effective.

? Beware of miracle diets. There are no miracles. Weight loss always involves effort and willpower.

? Modify your habits. A safe weight loss and lasting only be achieved with a permanent change in habits of life, particularly those relating to physical activity and food. Only then can delete the extra kilos ... and keep your weight without getting fat.