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Traditional jewelers were once the preferred and only method to purchase fine jewelry, but many consumers now prefer the convenience and affordability of shopping online. Collectively, online jewelry stores offer a much greater and more diverse selection than local retailers, allowing you to browse the best diamond rings, gemstones, necklaces and earrings from the comfort of your own home.

Competitive pricing and flexible return policies also make online jewelry stores an appealing option. You can easily comparison shop on multiple jewelry websites to find the best deals on exactly what you want. And since you make an online purchase sight unseen, the best online jewelers, including Zales, Kay and Allurez, offer hassle-free returns and exchanges, even on gift items. To learn more about this convenient way to shop for your next piece of fine jewelry, read our articles on online jewelry stores.

Online Jewelry: What to Look For

While the internet is one of the best ways to shop for jewelry, you may find the sheer number of online jewelers and their exhaustive inventories overwhelming. Regardless of what type of bauble or charm you're searching for, here are key factors to help you narrow down the best jewelry websites.

Product Selection

The best online jewelers offer thousands of items that cater to a wide range of customer needs, tastes and budgets. Additionally, these vast product selections aren't limited to conventional diamond rings and pearl earrings; many jewelers have branched out to offer men's jewelry, corporate gifts, watches and loose diamonds. The greater a website's inventory, the better chance you have of finding that perfect piece at just the right price.

It's also important to seek out jewelers that provide conflict-free jewelry. This means the diamonds and other gemstones they sell are from legitimate sources and do not fund insurgencies, warlords, or other groups or individuals whose activities are in violation of UN regulations.

Services & Features

There is far more to the best online jewelry stores than just inventory. Look for a website that offers services and features that enhance and improve your shopping experience. For example, many online jewelers offer design services, financing for large purchases, and engraving and gift-wrapping at no additional cost. Other features to look for include a sale section, product reviews and gift cards.

Perhaps most important is to shop only with jewelers that provide certification, or a grading report, for the diamonds and gemstones they sell. Independent, accredited laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI) issue these certifications, which verify that the gemstone you purchase is authentic and includes information regarding the stone's cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

Shipping & Returns

If you want to buy jewelry online, flexible shipping options and hassle-free returns are crucial. Jewelry websites should provide insured shipping options, including Saturday and next-day delivery. For added protection, many jewelers require a signature upon delivery. In regards to returns, most jewelers have a minimum 30-day return policy and allow exchanges on gift items.

Customer Service

Customer service may not seem as important as product selection or services, but it's still a key aspect to consider when shopping with online jewelers. Look for companies that provide prompt customer service via email and telephone, and online resources such as FAQs and information regarding how to properly care for your jewelry. Considering the nature of your purchase, online jewelry stores should also provide order status updates so that you can track your items from time of purchase to delivery at your front door.

Shopping online is a convenient and enjoyable way to buy jewelry, whether for yourself or your sweetheart. Keep these factors in mind as you start browsing online jewelers to help you find that perfect piece.

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