Our Children and Hygiene.

Our Children and Hygiene.

You know those times when you visit a place for the first time, and you cant help feasting your eyes to everything around you? Well, thats how I was the first time I visited Acacia Medical Center for treatment. The wall was filled with very many pictures on parts of the body, how to keep fit, what to do incase of emergencies and how to react when faced with danger. I was not very sick and so I got up and started walking around. There was one picture that I saw that almost shocked me to death, Yes- it may not have been a big deal if I had died seeing that I was in the hospital, but jeez!! that picture was ugly!!! It read, "I live under your nails" The picture above does not give justice to the one I saw in the hospital! But I guess I can say thet they are cousins?


Whats my point? -HYGIENE!!! If you are clean, you can never have such monsters or beasts or whatever you may want to call them, occupying any part of your body! Let me not be rush, I will take you step by step. First, what is hygiene? I will explain it using a very reliable source- WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO). According to WHO, hygiene refers to conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases. So, what are these practices and conditions that should be followed?


(1) we should wash our bodies often by taking a shower or a bath everyday, (2) cleaning the teeth atleast once a day, (3) washing hair atleast once a week, (4) washing hands after visiting the toilet, before eating and preparing food, (5) changing into clean clothes, (6) covering nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing to prevent sneezing or coughing to prevent spreading infections. These practices should be followed keenly because maintaining a high level of personal hygiene, will help increase self esteem and confidence while minimizing chances of developing imperfections.


From what time should our children be taught about hygiene? The importance of hygiene should be stressed from as early as possible with oralcare, washing toilet hygiene and hair care being taught as everyday routines. With a clean body, clean hair, clean clothes and shoes, your children will feel good and their friends will be happy to be near them. So for parents, let us teach our children personal hygiene and see that it becomes a habit! they say that habits die hard and therefore this is one habit that as parents, you should ensure stays alive in your children!


Since we cannot be able to see germs with our naked eyes, ensuring that our children stay clean at all times is the only assurance that such monsters and beasts do not find homes in their bodies.Unfortunately, I have to say goodbye for now but will leave you with a quote for today, "Hygiene is as important as ABC- Always Be Clean!!! "Just because you cannot smell yourself, does not mean everyone else can't!


Well my good friends, Stay blessed and clean at all times.


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