The steps to follow in replacing a IPHONE 5S cracked screen

IPHONE5S is still holding a large market even as IPHONE6 came out. So what will you do if your IPHONE 5S lcd is cracked after long use. So I will tell you the tools you should use and the procedures you should follow in replacing a Phone screen.

At first you should have the tools ready for replacement, including Pentalobe screwdrivers, Case opening tool, Small Phillip screwdrivers, Metal spudger opening tool and IPHONE5S new replacement LCD screen.

Now we comes to the first step, switch off the Iphone5s before using the eject pin to take out the SIM card tray. psl do it carefully so that you will not damage the tray.

Step two, to undo the 2 screws at the bottom of the phone with a Pentalobe screwdrivers. So pls remember that you should it differently if you are working on a IPHONE 6 LCD replacement.

Step three, first to use a Metal Spudger Opening Tool to pry up the LCD screen assembly. In order to release all the clips by wedging the the casing opening tool the LCD assembly and rearing house.

Step4, loose the retaining bracket holding the fingerprint sensor cable. Then separate the cable from the Lightning port assembly.

Step4, remove the metal plate before undoing 4 screws. Then we should use it to cover the display assembly connecter.

As for the following steps, you should read the manual instruction with our iphone 5s lcd replacement
The last step is to insert the SIM card before insert the power on the phone.