The Best Method to Migrate Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac

The Best Method to Migrate Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac
Learn how to migrate Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac. Mail Exporter Pro is a fast, easy to use, and high quality converting tool.


The migration tool allows any user to move from Apple Mail to numerous mail platforms. Some of the compatible clients are Outlook for Mac, Thunderbird and Postbox. The program can convert Emlx to Eml and MBOX format, so as long as one of those formats is supported by an email client, you can move from Apple Mail towards it.
We will explain further, in detail, what Mail Exporter Pro does and how.


1. Can be used on Mac
Since you came here, you almost certainly use Apple Mail, so you probably have the possibility to work on a Mac. Migrating Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac is an example of an operation that starts and finishes on Mac. However, if you want to migrate towards a mail client like Thunderbird & Postbox for Windows, you will still have to perform the conversion on a Mac. After the operation is done you will be able to copy and move those files to your PC.


2. Migrate Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac or Entourage Archive
If you want to use this tool to move towards Outlook for Mac or Entourage Archive you will choose the same format for both, RGE. Even if they are compatible with the same format, they have different methods of interpreting it. For that reason we had to create separate processes for EMLX to RGE, one when you migrate Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac and one when you transfer to Entourage.


3. Migrate Apple Mail to Thunderbird
Because both Mac and PC versions of Thunderbird read EML, you will choose the EML format every time you want to convert for Thunderbird. Using this option will generate the EML files needed for Thunderbird client, but applications such as Microsoft Outlook for Mac are also compatible.


4. Accessibility
To keep it simple we developed new tools that work more efficient. A new tool replaced several older ones, so with only one move you can perform several operations. Because of that the number of tools and steps needed to finish a conversion diminished, so the program became drastically easier and more approachable.


5. Properties

  • Unicode Preservation - The non-English letters represented a challenge for the converting software. Mail Exporter Pro will take on any Unicode content and successfully keep its original form through.
  • Attachments preservation - Most emails have something attached; sometimes even other mails. Regardless of the format of your attached files, Mail Exporter Pro will never neglect any of those.
  • Settings preservation - We want you to have an easy time using your new mail client, so we want to make everything look as identical as possible to your old Apple Mail. Mail Exporter Pro is capable of maintaining the hierarchy, settings and properties of every email. Not only the quality will be flawless every time, but the visual appearances will be very similar as well.
  • Detects corrupted mails and attachments - When an emails cannot be converted for one reason or another, the converter will list it in a log which will be displayed at the end of the conversion.


Demo Version

Mail Exporter Pro is also available as a demo version. You can download it for free and test every single feature that a full version has. The only limitation is given by the number of conversion. You can freely use it to migrate Apple Mail files to Outlook for Mac, Thunderbird, Entourage Archive and any other compatible application, but you cannot move more than 10 items for each folder.