Why FFA Submissions and Link Park Are a Bad Idea

Before search-engines got smart, a site's page standing was based on key-word match-ups. Discover new info on our partner web site - Click here: view site. The wrong sites were receiving too much attention, when webmasters stock-piled their sites with keywords. Google decided to give attention to a site's 'acceptance' rather. The amount of incoming links became the focus of PR conditions. The idea behind this method was that if a great deal of internet sites connect to yet another site, that site could contain useful information. Be taught further about link emperor chat by going to our wonderful paper.

But again, webmasters got sly. With this development, we started to begin to see the development of 'Link Farms' and 'Free-for-All' (FFA) sites. Discover extra info on our related site by visiting go here. These pages were essentially a collection of (often-times) worthless links. In most cases, the internet sites were not classified or detailed. They became a place for webmasters to dump their links in order to make their site seem more popular.

This strategy worked for quite a while, but soon search engines caught on. 'Link Farms' and FFA sites served no purpose to web users. Since Google prides itself on catering to users (and PERHAPS not designers), a solution needed to be established. 'Link Farms' were cluttering up the net and making it harder for users to locate useful resources o-nline.

Google soon begun to rate the quality of the links that determined a site's 'link place.' 'Link Farms' and FFA internet sites became classified as junk, and ergo added no value into a site's link popularity.

Today, submitting to your 'Link Farm' or FFA site could be damaging to your website's reputation. Google takes a strong position against these kinds of link pages. At best, the 'Link Farm' will move down your rating and allow it to be harder for the valuable internet sites to work in your favor. At worst, your website will be BARRED totally for using junk sites to attempt to generate traffic. It is a very real possibility.

'Link Farms' and FFA internet sites provide almost no value. Customers will not obtain quality or related links in the submission, even though it may sound appealing. Plus, who wants to see their link among 'junk' websites for adult activity, online dating sites, and casinos? Submitting to 'Link Farms' doesn't contribute to your credibility and is simply not worth the risk.

As an alternative, spend your time submitting to reliable websites and trading links with other relevant sites. If you have an opinion about the Internet, you will maybe hate to compare about http://linkemperor.com. The method can be time-consuming, nonetheless it is the only way to generate secure, site-specific traffic.

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