Walter Danley

Welcome to Danley Electrical! We certainly have been serving New Jersey since the early 1920 through four generations of Danleys. We have been pleased with the point that we are a household owned and family oriented electrical contractor business.Our family continues to be working in the electrical business for pretty much a hundred years, and our expertise has become passed down in one generation to the next. This is just one reasons why we have now surpassed the rest of the electrical contractors around. Another reason is we care. We are determined to give the best service we are able to on the best price possible.We know you could look for a discounted price from some other contractors, however the cost that accompany paying this type of pricing is comfort and security. You can trust the quality we deliver on every electrical job we do. Make sure to take into account the safety of your family as well as your home, before deciding to do business with the cheapest-priced electrician. Lacking quality might be 


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