Lg Kg800 Chocolate - Iconic Design

First of all the design itself is outstanding; it is a glossy, streamlined phone. It is lightweight so carrying it with you constantly is no problem. To help you fit it i.. It's also a smaller cellular phone.

Naming a phone Chocolate is a good marketing tool. I am talking about really, would you not like chocolate? The name alone brings up good thoughts. But as the saying goes, What is in a name? .. This phone is a lot more than just a name; it's a creative, well thought out mobile phone.

To begin with the design it self is outstanding; it is a modern, streamlined phone. It is light so holding it with you at all times is not any problem. It is also an inferior mobile phone so you can match it in your pocket or purse without any concerns. The LCD screen is really protected by the slider address.

The picture quality is very good on the LCD screen; it is in color and features a pixel resolution of 176 X 220. With this particular type of quality you are able to do a lot of imaging options. If you desire to be taught more about xili mobile, there are many on-line databases people should consider pursuing. You've a built in camera with 1.3 mega-pixels.

The features give you the choices of playing straight back video and recording video. Real Estate Mobile includes further concerning why to study it. Your video settings can be also customized by you. Dig up more on web real estate text marketing by visiting our lovely encyclopedia. In the video program you can actually add some special effects to your movies. The gallery is an accessible function rendering it an easy task to organize and store your clips.

If you need message options the LG KG 800 Chocolate cell phone offers a good variety of options for you. You can text (SMS), you can have increased messaging (EMS), and there's the additional solution of multimedia messaging (MMS). You can even send and retrieve emails on the Chocolate.

The sound quality on this phone is great. The music player enables you to play a selection of music formats like, ACC+ and MP3 to name a couple of. The contact pad has a split up key for the music choices. For ringtones you've two choices - they can be got by you in both MP3 and polyphonic.

A number of the more technical features on the phone will be the capability to use both Bluetooth and USB connections. You've usage of the Net through the WAP browser. On a charged battery you obtain a time of 200 hours and six hours of talk time.

The LG KG 800 Chocolate portable Phone is really a sleek modern looking phone. LG has made a very functional, user friendly phone and put in a fantastic looking style that is sure being an star in cellular phone history to be remembered..