Facebook account password hack online free

The best way to Hack Facebook without Using Phishing and Keylogger

Start an internet search for the best methods to hack on a Facebook account.

What results did you get? We'd say hazard a guess largely and keyloggers, right? if we're to it Sure, we're correct. Those two processes didn't become the two most popular Facebook hacking techniques for nothing.

Phishing is a hacker favorite that is clear as well as a straightforward process. It makes a fake website to dupe victims into entering their account user name and password or use of a cloned. Once the cloned enter the data, it is instantaneously sent to the hacker to use in whatever scheme he is cooking up.

Every keystroke done on the device is logged once the file is opened. The data is gathered and once again sent to the email address the hacker has assigned. Afterward it's just an issue of sorting through the information to locate the Facebook username and password the hacker wants.

But those two aren't the only accessible Facebook hacking methods. In fact, if you are a small computer hacking beginner, you may be better off staying in favor of a more straightforward hack. It's called reverting and it doesn't require any keylogging or phishing at all.

So what is reverting? To put it simply, it's http://www.hayy.net resetting the Facebook password. This really is performed without the understanding of the individual whose account you're trying to get, naturally. As such it demands no practical skills or significant brain power, merely a well, a working brain.

To begin, make certain that our casualty is not actually logged in to his Facebook account. In addition, you should make sure that you aren't logged into your own account. Then follow the steps outlined below:

1. Visit Facebook

The form you will need to hack the account will be launched by any one of them.

2. Type in the URL of the compromised Facebook profile.

3. Wait with the password resetting directions for the e-mail from Facebook.

4. Type in your email address.

5.Employ the required choices.

6.On the question asking for the email address linked to the endangered account, enter NO.

7. Under Date of Birth, enter the victim's date of birth.

There you might have it. Ten steps that are easy and fast to revert a password. Here are some additional tips, before trying it out however:

-- Instead of using your usual email address to send the reset e-mail to, you may want to produce a brand new e-mail account specifically for this purpose. Remember you're attempting to hack into another person's account. You really don't need your legitimate email address connected with that, do you?

-- Don't understand your victim's complete name? It is typically reflected there. Or if it's not, test your sleuthing abilities by running a Google search on the main email address the he is using. It just might redirect you to his other accounts where his full details are listed. The exact same trick could be used to find http://www.socialsecurity.gov/socialmedia/ out the person's birth.

Hacking into Facebook reports have never been more easy with all of the tools and procedures available today. Nonetheless, occasionally the old school way is the most straightforward means to do it.