Tej Kohli Businessman, Costa Rica

This tiny Central American country punches well above its weight and its economy has moved far beyond just coffee and bananas. Since 1991, Costa Rica’s GDP has been increasing at a compound annual growth rate of 5.3%. Poverty has dropped from 40% to less than 20% in the last 20 years. To lessen its dependence on coffee and bananas, its historical exports, the government has encouraged new industries with tax incentives and as a result, pharmaceuticals, technology and financial services are now important industries in Costa Rica. After Switzerland, Costa Rica is ranked by The World Energy Council second for sustainability, producing 95.6 per cent of its energy from renewables. And with beautiful rain forests it is a hot environmental tourist destination. The friendly, hard-working and education focused Costa Ricans – or Ticos/Ticas, have helped made Grafix Softech, Kohli Ventures’ innovative payment processing and fraud data management solutions provider a major success story. Tej Kohli’s affection for the country is considerable. After all, his wife, Wendy, is from this beautiful country.