Tej Kohli Businessman, Republic of Ireland

What was known as the Celtic tiger because of its surging economy based on high-tech and real estate, due to an asset priced property bubble and collapse in the wake of the financial crisis, became the Celtic kitten.  However, Tej Kohli recognises Ireland’s underlying story of having a highly skilled workforce, entrepreneurial spirit and business-friendly environment, which is now coming to the fore. The economy in 2014 rebounded strongly, clocking an impressive 4.3% growth in GDP and is predicted by the OECD to continue to grow strongly. Unemployment and government debt is falling. Top ICT companies, such as Google, Twitter and Facebook, have set up their European head offices in Dublin. Having invested in Dynacart Solutions, an innovative payments solutions provider based in Dublin, which is growing strongly, Tej Kohli is expecting more successful tech business stories to come out of this small, but dynamic country.