Tej Kohli Businessman, Vancouver, Canada

Tej Kohli anticipates Canada to be among the top performers of the developed economies during 2015. British Columbia is one of its tech hotspots. Concentrating around Vancouver, the tech sector in British Columbia employs more people in the province than in forestry, mining, oil and gas combined. And hi-tech exports from the province grew by 10.5% during 2013, totalling $994 million in value. Vancouver’s success in hi-tech stems from several factors: It is close to the US centres of hi-tech Seattle, home to tech giants Amazon and Microsoft, and slightly further afield but also on the western seaboard of the North American continent, Silicon Valley. Vancouver has strong links to the dynamic Asia Pacific economies both geographically and through its significant population originating from Hong Kong and China, which the city has also benefitted from in terms of their strong work ethic and dynamism. And to top it all Vancouver is often ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities, making talented people want to live there. Tej Kohli’s investment in Cedars online, a web-marketing and e commerce specialist, is based in this exciting city that is full of innovation and promise.