Basic knowledge of engine maintenance

Basic knowledge of engine maintenance

    Engine is the power source of the car, also is the heart of the car. It can effect the car’s performance, fuel economy and environmental protection. So, it is very crucial to keep the car’s engine maintenance .
    Automobile engine is a higher value of mechanical products, so in the long-term use of the automobile, it inevitably occurs malfunction and damage. the basic task of engine maintenance is to adopt the corresponding technical measures to prevent the happening of the fault and avoid the damage of the parts. However, the basic task of the engine repair is excluding the fault and repair or replace the damaged parts so that the working ability and good condition of engine can be restored.
    Engine is a component of automobile, so the basic requirements and methods of engine and vehicle maintenance are consistent.

1, The type of engine maintenance

    According to their nature, engine maintenance can be divided into preventive maintenance and non-preventive maintenance.
    Preventive maintenance refers to the content and timing of the maintenance. According to the predetermined plan, its purpose is to prevent faults and maintain the working ability of the engine . Preventive maintenance also can be divided into routine maintenance and plan maintenance. For the routine maintenance, it is not the business of the car mileage, but it is the one of the plan maintenance.
    Non-preventive maintenance is usually carried out in the engine maintenance after the failure. In automobile use, the sudden fault has great randomness, it is very difficult to predict before a failure occurs, so it is impossible to maintain a pre-arranged plan.

2,The mode of engine maintenance

    The mode of engine maintenance is a comprehensive embodiment of the maintenance's type, timing and content. Generally, it can be divided into regular, on-demand and afterwards.

3, The cycle of engine maintenance

    The cycle of engine maintenance refers to the maintenance interval, generally based on vehicle mileage.
    In a word, mainly engine maintenance is to keep the engine in a good technical condition so that it can prolong its service life.