Use of ondansetron in children with gastroenteritis.

DeCamp LR, Byerley JS, Doshi N, Steiner MJ. However, vomiting from gastroenteritis is distressing to

patients and their families. In 11 included studies,

seven different antiemetics were evaluated, and children who received

ondansetron were less likely to have on-going vomiting, be prescribed

intravenous feeding, or be admitted to hospital from the emergency

department. All rights reserved.

. Many physicians also believe that vomiting

is a contraindication to ORT.

To determine whether antiemetics reduce vomiting and decrease need

for further intervention without significant adverse effects, University

of North Carolina researchers performed a systematic review and

meta-analysis of prospective controlled trials evaluating medication use

in children with vomiting from gastroenteritis. Acute

gastroenteritis is a common childhood illness, and guidelines for

treatment recommend supportive care zofran lawsuit charlotte nc using oral rehydration therapy (ORT)

for mild to moderate dehydration, but no pharmacologic treatment for

vomiting. Future treatment guidelines should incorporate ondansetron

therapy for selected children with gastroenteritis, say the authors.

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agents in acute gastroenteritis: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, 2008; 162(9): 858-65.

Children with gastroenteritis who receive ondansetron (Zofran) are

less likely to have on-going vomiting, a study has found