How to develop fiber product brand for your business?(2)

With the Greater China economies of scale forming, we are not only set up operations base in China, but in order to facilitate the customer's operational needs from fiber optic manufacturer in china, it is very important to have the nearest customer service in everywhere.


Accurate and efficient global logistics and material management system is necessary.

China has an important role in the global semiconductor supply chain in the ring, in the industry to the international division of labor on the occasion, distributors precise logistics management and logistics system, not only is its core value, but also to assist the OEM / ODM customer's ability to grasp business opportunities, improve Efficiency the key. In response to rapidly changing market, both in the cross-strait import ERP systems and B2B system and construction of a number of customers to effectively shorten the time of procurement and purchase process, and providing Virtual Hub, On-site Hub and outside the warehouse for key customers and other services. All of these are important for a fiber optic cable supplier.

Customer and supplier relations firm run.

Original client proxy firm business’ relationship with the company should continue to grow in the most important asset. "Priority services" and "coexistence" is the basic belief of customer service through the sale of products and technical support services to help customers quickly introduce competitive products. In the part of suppliers, uphold the "sales division" and "Adulthood" concept, in addition to expanding the market, and to provide original analysis and product development, market intelligence suggested that a good interaction is necessary to lay the original long-term cooperative relationship with a.


Of course, money management is the electronic components for distributors which as a very important issue, especially for the supplier of fiber optic adaptor wholesale.