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Have you ever been sexually harassed as part of your workplace? Did you know that you could be be eligible for recover substantial monetary damages because of the wrongful sexual conduct belonging to supervisor or other persons in your non-profit organization?

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Federal and California job discrimination laws prohibit unequal treatment or harassment because a staff member's gender, race, color, age, national origin, sexual orientation, ancestry, religion, pregnancy or disability (mental, physical or perceived).

Wrongful Termination:

If you've been recently fired from your workplace, you may well be asking whether your employer was within his rights to terminate you. We are going to be very happy to help clarify California labor laws. Call now for a free consultation.

Leave of Absence:

Under California and Federal law, company workers have numerous rights to take some time off for various issues comparable to: pregnancy, baby bonding for either parent, serious medical condition, serious medical appearance of a member of family, military leave, jury duty leave, and spiritual observance, among others.

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