Thesis Discussion –Importance and necessity

Results and discussions are the two most important sections of thesis or reports writing. Most professionals when evaluating a number of dissertations give higher importance to these sections. You can either include them as separate sections or confine them in one single chapter. This is usually the advisor’s call but you may do it by your own accord or preferences.

When evaluating your thesis, the dissertation discussion analysis is mostly done keeping in view the four main things:

1. How well does the discussion section interpret your results?
2. Does it satisfy the research question?
3. Justification of your methodology
4. Does it summarize the gain of your study?

Discussion section could be the broadest and most lengthy section of your research. 

You may start off by making an outline of your research question making its way to the results, thoroughly demonstrating the implications and suggestions and finally summing up in the context of literature review. Since this section could be the most lengthy and time consuming, it is advisable to break it down into smaller pieces of study. This approach will not only facilitate the evaluators in you dissertation discussion analysis but will also assist you in focusing to separate chunks of information and present them intelligently.

If the outcome of your research is unexpected or controversial, the discussion must contain a comprehensive explanation about the reasons for these differences. It is likely that you may end up revising your literature review to mark out the more relevant studies as your results.

In the concluding words of this section, explain the importance of your findings, their practicality and adoptability and the areas on which further work could be done. These are the last stages of thesis writing and once done, you will find yourself alive again!