How to Select Suitable Bridesmaid Dresses to Match Your Wedding

Choose suitable dresses for your bridesmaids need to be careful considered. The dresses should both flatter your bridesmaids and match the wedding theme. It would be a challenge for brides since everyone has different body shapes and preferences, you should make every bridesmaid be satisfied with your choices. Here are some tips for brides.

Think about how your selection would flatter the bridesmaids best. You can put your pear-shaped bridesmaids in empire skirts with V-neck. Apple-shaped bridesmaids can enhance their curves by wearing drop waist and detailed neckline. Hourglass shapes work best with tight-fitting and corset styles. And for plus-size bridesmaids, you can choose a simple dress with a sash. According to their different body shapes, you can choose the same color and design of the dresses, and then adjust them to bridesmaids' different needs.

When you decide the color of bridesmaid dresses, you should tell your bridesmaids about the wedding theme color in advance. And the color should match the accents of the wedding theme as well as the bridal gown. If your wedding is a more formal event like a church ceremony, long bridesmaid dresses would be a best choice; if you plan a more casual and relaxed garden wedding or beach wedding, short dresses would work well.

Browse some bridal websites or fashion magazines for some ideas of the dress styles. And then, you can visit some bridal stores to look at those dresses you wanted at close quarters. Bring one of your bridesmaids who can give you some helpful ideas. When you shopping around, you'd better take the wedding palette, and show them to the salesman. They would give you some useful suggestions.

What's more, take the weather condition into account. Depending on your wedding season, you can prepare the suitable dresses in different fabrics and length.

If the budget is tight, you can consider finding a skilled dressmaker to make your bridesmaid dresses which would be suitable for their curves and also be unique. Or, you can also choose the dresses from internet. Many online shops offers a wide collection of bridesmaid dresses. And these dresses are cheaper. If you buy dresses online, place the order 5-6 weeks before the wedding date, because you need to leave enough time for them to have alternation or adjustment. is a online shop of bridesmaid dresses uk. We have offered different shades of bridesmaid dresses under 100, including red, pink, lilac,fuchsia, coral, plum, burgundy....You can find cheap and high quality dresses in our online shop. What's more, we can also do your dress according to your body size. As long as you select dresses which are fresh and summery, your bridesmaids will look pretty as a picture at your big day.