The meizu MX4 dead millet 4 to smart home

Millet and gree "enemies" beautiful hand in hand, gree if have realized the crisis, should immediately find millet "enemy" of marriage? To seek, to find, in zhuhai meizu, turned out to be a good choice! Although for now, meizu plates has not been millet, but everybody had seen with meizu is walking on the way toward the millet.
Meizu MX4 dead millet 4 originally intended to smart home
There is no doubt that the meizu MX4 and meizu MX4 Pro on the hardware configuration are more excellent than millet 4, but as the initial mania subsided, people gradually find, or millet beautiful MIUI more powerful, more convenient to use, and this is what millet once more the confidence of the smart home market.
Millet constantly bear the blame to a dish. He want to be in while others are still found no clue was the whole complete intelligent household chain, perhaps, the filling inside may include all aspects let you unexpected food and clothing live line, and the key is, in the ecosystem, millet is the ruler!
Obviously, meizu have realized millet ambition, want to start it is not too late now.http://HDC mobile