What is the mini tape gun?

All of us know the smaller sized factor is the cuter. Pig , not so cute ,piglet ,I will take two . Corn,tasty, but child corn ? Tasty and adorable.  ----ktdispenser


 Apply that some principle to one of these boring warehouse tools and also you have got the charming Mini Tape Gun .Standing just for four and 3 quarters of an inch tall.The Mini Tape Gun is just like its brother .


 But as an alternative of packing tape,it uses typical clear tape,clearly,the Mini Tape Gun is a lot more endearing than practical however it does really function,wrap presents like a pro or just get your work space some flava .


 Mini Tape Gun comes in numerous enjoyable colors,Red ,Blue,Black,Purple,


Yellow and Weather Blue .


 It comes having a roll of standard clear adhensive tape,which could be simply replaced any time you run out of ammo. Just fit the tape about the tension-er and feed the finish beneath the roller,sticky side down ,then with just on hand ,You'll be able to dispense tape,like its nobody??s small business .


 This serrated cutting blade quickly gets the job accomplished ,but don??t be concerned ,its not hazardous .So decide on your preferred or collect them all and show off your serious taping abilities.


 The Mini Tape Gun accessible now from www.ktdispenser.com.


 We designed The Mini Tape Gun in 2005.It can be our patent product in China .