Reconstructive Plastic Surgery After an Accident

While many people associate plastic surgery with movie stars and other celebrities, this can actually be a very beneficial process for someone who has suffered an accident. Tragedies such as fires, car accidents, and even simple slips and falls can leave you with devastating injuries that may not heal normally. In these cases, reconstructive plastic surgery may be able to help you regain your former appearance.

After a catastrophic accident, it is natural for your skin to heal by scarring. However, some scars may cover large amounts of your body, or they may be red and swollen. Many times, burn scars do not produce enough skin for your affected body part to regain its flexibility. In cases like this, a nose plastic surgery cost can help you with skin grafts, tissue expansion, and other techniques to help you. Additionally, sometimes smaller scars can be reduced by a breast implants boston who can delicately cut away the older tissue and redo the previous incision.

Also, blunt force trauma can leave you with a misshapen face. This is especially prevalent in car accidents for people who hit their faces on the dashboard or against the windshield. These accidents can cause rhinoplasty boston and deep cuts that require the attention of a reconstructive plastic surgeon. The surgeon can basically build you a new nose since it is sometimes impossible for the cartilage to repair itself. Additionally, plastic surgeons in ri are often called in for stitching lips back together because they are better able to keep the tissue correctly aligned while repairing it.

best plastic surgeons in boston also have the ability to help you with appendage replacement. For boston plastic surgeons, if you lose your thumb in a work-related accident, you can lose the ability to perform many different tasks, even some as simple as tying your shoes. In several cases, surgeons have removed the big toe and used it as a thumb replacement. Reconstructive surgeons can also help you repair and smooth areas that have been lost in accidents so that you can better fit a prosthetic device.

After an accident, you can face years of treatment and surgery to fully recover from your trauma, including reconstructive plastic surgery. However, if the accident is the result of another person's negligence, you should not have to face these extra costs without financial compensation from the party at fault.