Lessons In the Bad Meeting Contest


Here are the winning entries from the bad meeting match and comments about what to do-so that you could prevent these problems.

"> Short, Costly, and Useless.

First, she sent a letter to a prospective client in Ny, proposing a gathering. Then she called to ensure the meeting. His assistant did actually agree to the conference, even though she never spoke with this particular possibility. Therefore, she and her manager flew from Illinois to New York. When they arrived, they learned that the man whom they expected to meet have been transferred to another company. In the event people desire to dig up further on http://www.themanbreakthroughexperience.com/contact.php, there are many on-line databases people should consider investigating. His replacement agreed to meet with them for some minutes. H-e was polite, unprepared to discuss their present, and perhaps not serious. It had been a costly, small, and useless conference.

Comment: The sender of this story admitted that this was an invaluable learning experience. The lesson: always confirm essential aspects of a gathering with the key participants. In this instance she must have spoken using the VP and proved curiosity about holding a gathering. Just sending a letter and talking to a secretary turned out to be inadequate.

We can never ask way too many questions. In my business, I will even call the hotel to verify that my client has reserved a gathering room.