Installing Google Cloud Print on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Print from virtually anywhere with Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is a developed service by which you can print from anywhere to a connected printer in your office or any other location. Usually it involves a deadly configuration on your network but Cloud Print option can does it in few minutes. Now This Cloud Print apps are available on Play Store. 
 Below are some tips on how you can install this app in your Samsung Galaxy Tabs and make your life better.

Step #1 
Go to Google Play Store and search for Cloud Print.

Step #2 
Click on the app named "Cloud Print" make sure the publisher is "Google Inc." 

Step #3 
Click on the install button to install the app in your tab.

Step #4 
Click Accept on the permission requests and allow the app to get installed.

Step #5 
To enable Google Cloud Print, open the settings and click on "Connections" then "More networks" then "Printing".

Step #6 
Click on "Cloud Print"

Step #7 
Click on the enable button in the top right corner

Step #8 
Click "OK" on the "Use Cloud Print" warning

Step #9 
Then the app will search for printer.

Step #10 

You should now see you list of Google Cloud Print printers. If you don't see any printers please follow the instructions at Google Cloud Print Support to add your printer.

For more information into this niche, and to stay up-to-date on the latest Google Cloud Print extensions, apps, and add-ons, etc. Keep visiting our blog regularly.

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