How to Decide Whether Or Not You Need Relationship Therapy

How to Decide Whether Or Not You Need Relationship Therapy

Hundreds of couples seek couples therapy every year. Knowing the right time to look for marriage counseling San Diego is not an easy task. Seeking help before its too late is very crucial as the longer the problems linger the difficult it would be to reconcile the differences. Unfortunately, most couples find it very hard to admit that they have a problem that they cannot resolve them self.


All couples want to enjoy a perfect relationship. All relationships, whether it's with a loved one at home or your spouse or with a co-worker, needs constant work. Relationships are not all flowers and happiness, it goes through both good times and bad times and this sometimes leads to anger, negative feelings and contempt towards each other.


Determining the best time to get marriage counseling San Francisco and taking the first steps to solve your relationship problem can be easier if you know what signs to look for. If your partner and you are experiencing any of such signs then it would be time to find help, especially if you wouldn't want to see the end of your relationship and love each other.

The very first sign that would signal the need for a relationship counselor San Diego is when couples start negatively communicating with each other. If you find that speaking to your partner always ends up getting negative and nasty and you are unable to say anything positive or nice to each other, regardless of the reason for this situation, this is a sure sign for the need of relationship therapy. With a relationship counsellor sitting with you, both of you will be able to talk about your problems in a neutral environment. You can also learn new communication techniques that will get rid of the negativity that is created when you communicate.


Communication should always be good in all relationships. If you are unable to express your feelings without reservations and can't discuss problems without getting into an argument, then both of you need to learn how to communicate and listen to each other without ending up in a fight.


If a partner has had an affair or fling and neither one of you is willing to let go, then behaving as if nothing happened is not going to help. You will need some external help to communicate your feelings and to get over the bitter part of your relationship. Affairs can cause major mistrust, without trust no relationship can survive. A relationship therapist San Diego can help you overcome the past in a neutral and controlled environment where both of you can decide if you are able to work towards a happy future together