Peyman Heidary, Drive

What drives some people to pursue one thing or another varies depending on that person. Focus is one thing, but drive is what makes you focus in the first place. For Peyman Heidary, his drive was a specific goal that he had from the time he was 12 years old to become a success in the world of business. This was the goal revealed on to his parents at such a tender young age. While many parents might have encouraged their sons to keep their options open, his parents told him that this could be his if he just chose to dedicate himself fully through his education. It was then that he decided he would do just that and he became the best student he could possibly be. He graduated with honors at every level that he has gone to school. He holds two doctorate degrees and he has held some of the most important positions in the world of health and wellness that one could possibly hold.

He has continued to evolve his business experience and professional experience through a variety of roles dedicated to the betterment of patients and dedicated to the betterment of those who are looking for opportunities. He has taken on a variety of business challenges through the establishment of goals that include the development of businesses in a number of sectors ranging from entertainment to healthcare. This has been done by acquiring, managing and funding emerging entities with potential for dramatic growth. The object has been to create a dynamic business entity that has a lasting dynasty. They are devoted to the benefit of partnerships and sustainable growth in every relationship that they engage in. Through the establishment of a solid capital business relationship, they have explored a number of interesting business fields.