Ozone Real Estate, Sun rises over Abu Dhabi

When most people think of Abu Dhabi they think of oil. But the Emirate has made great strides and diversified away from oil and is set to become a beacon for renewable energy and sustainability. Being built as a new district of the city state is Masdar City, a $22 billion planned city, principally designed by Foster & Partners, that will rely on solar energy and other renewable energy sources. This vision is close to Tej Kohli’s heart, who believes that a challenging vision is fundamental to great progress. When complete, the city is expected to use 70% less electricity and 60% less water than a conventional city. Sustainable features abound: a wall to keep out the dry desert wind, buildings are clustered together and trees planted to provide shade, passive design help keeps buildings cool and there’s an efficient public transport system, including automated pod transport cars.