Lemo RTA - Well Suited for Direct-to-Lung Draw

The Lemo and Lemo Drop atomizer includes rebuildable heating coil and tend to suggest that you can adjust air inflow. It is fabricated from durable steel hiring a glass tube window. You might actually vape weeks combined with the Lemo atomizer mainly because you are able to locate your hair a substantial tank capacity of 5ml or select a simpler size with their Lemo Drop, having 2.7ml tank capacity.
The Lemo Drop RTA Atomizer Tank by Eleaf is produced without needing stainless body and glass tube to be certain that superior general performance. Web site contains approximately 2.7ml of e-liquid. The Lemo RTA consists of a bottom filling system by screw just as the Kayfun. LEMO an excellent packed rebuildable tank atomizer for while travelling plus you beginner who seeks good airflow and healthier vaping. The Eleaf is the perfect mod to acquire the ideal your Lemo RTA. This high-end camera can be created running at from Twenty-thirty watts and can even be combined with mech mods or electronic mods, which will handle high wattage and amps. You will have rebuildable atomizer tank that selecting loose, unrestricted airflow, the Lemo atomizer by Eleaf can be described as well-liked choice.
The Lemo RTA core kit includes everything you must really wrap the coils creating final hand-built vape. The Lemo rebuildable atomizer support 2.7ml of e juice and allows a replaceable 510-drip tip. You would learn built your Lemo RTA before, today we expose instruction guide included to assist started.
Eleaf Lemo Features:
• 2.7ml fill capacity
• Variable Permit Control
• 510 thread
• 510 drip tip
Added in essence Eleaf Lemo RTA:
• Mouthpiece
• Top Cap
• Glass Tube
• Atomizer Cover
• Atomizer Tube
• Atomizer Base
• Connecting Base
• Heating Coil
• Absorbent Cotton
• Silicone Cover
• Adjustment Tool
Rebuildable Design: Lemo and Lemo Drop atomizer features are buildable heating coil you'll be able to wrap per your decision. This is exactly equipped to bring about Lemo atomizer very practical.
Facelift: The Lemo and Lemo Drop atomizer is constructed beyond steel allowing it to be both beautiful and durable. Its glass tank enables one-inch order to get whenever you are competent to refill.
Large e-liquid Capacity: It should probably support 5ml of e-liquid within your Lemo not to mention.7ml inside Lemo Drop.
Adjustable air inflow: Move regulation ring clockwise cheaper air inflow and counterclockwise for much more air inflow
Adjustable battery connector: The 510 thread connection is adjusted as stated by your choice. Tiers very removed to turn into an M23 connector. Battery connector is quite possible to find excess eLiquid.
Changeable Mouthpiece: Lemo and Lemo Drop atomizer mouthpiece is changeable, and replacing is in reality especially easy.
It shares some similar features towards your own Kayfun along with the build deck. Costly undeniable great tank when considering vapor production. There is 4 air holes on the top of airflow can be adjusted by screwing the foot of the tank. The Eleaf Lemo functions as a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer in the makers.
LEMO Features 5ml eLiquid capacity, adjustable airflow besides glass tank.


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