Natural Treatments For Oligomenorrhea To Regulate Menstrual Cycle

Oligomenorrhea is a medical term that is categorized by irregular or infrequent menstrual cycle. This menstrual period may occur with intervals of more than the normal duration and that is 35 days. A menstruation cycle or period is nothing but the shedding of the endometrium. Menstruation is otherwise called as menses. Usually the reason for the occurrence of oligomenorrhea is the imbalance in the oestrogen or the progesterone which are the hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle. Some of the causes of the irregular or infrequent menstrual period are:

1. Extreme weight loss

2. Excessive weight gain

3. Endurance exercises

4. Eating disorders

5. Emotional stress and tension

6. Polycystic ovarian syndrome

7. Thyroid disorder

8. Contraceptives

9. Cancer

10. Endo metriosis

11. Pelvic inflammatory disease

12. Extreme physical strain and activities.

Natural Treatment for Oligomenorrhea:

Gynecure capsule is the best natural treatment to regulate menstrual cycle. There are lot of women all around the world who are in search of a reliable capsule that will help them to get rid of their various problems related to the reproductive organs. Often the problems like leukorrhea or oligomenorrhea are embarrassing for women and they suffer a lot due to these health disorders. This unpleasant odour and discharge of white fluid and other bleeding can turn off men and can also create problems in a relationship. Gynecure capsule is the best remedy for all complains of women regarding the vaginal health problem.

This natural treatment for oligomenorrhea is a powerful combination of essential and vital herbs such as lodhra, supari, ashoka, pipal, kesani and pataltumbi and more. This blend of herbs will help to resist the female reproductive system from all the problems and acts as a natural treatment to regulate menstrual cycle. This capsule is definitely the safest solution for the women of all age groups. You cannot receive an overnight result from the consumption of this herbal supplement. It is recommended to take this capsule twice daily along with plain water after the meals continuously for 3 to 4 months in order to witness the desired result and the problem will be culminated permanently and that is assured to all the buyers.

This natural treatment to regulate the menstrual cycle is available online. Therefore you need not wander anywhere in search of this pill and waste your time and energy. It is all- natural product that is made from multi ingredients that maintain the health. It helps in correcting problems like irregular periods, painful menstruation, abnormal white discharge and leucorrhea. It helps in decreasing pelvic congestion by providing anti- microbial properties. The consumption of this product will help you to maintain the PH level and thereby the skin gets hydrated. It is advised to maintain a strict routine along with proper exercise at least for an hour while consuming this capsule. Also maintain good sanitary hygiene for better and prolonged result. This natural treatment for oligomenorrhea is an all-round solution for all the health disorders related to the menstrual cycle.


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