Facebook Messenger Will Show Bio On People Who Aren’t Your Friends

Facebook Messenger Will Show Bio On People Who Aren’t Your Friends

facebook-chat-idDue to how easy it is to add people as friends on Facebook, sometimes you have no idea who it was that just messaged you. That being said instead of making conversations awkward by you acting confused, Facebook Messenger wants to change that.

Facebook has recently pushed out an update for its Messenger app where it will now display biograhpical information about the person you"re chatting with at the top. So if that person has an extremely private profile, then you"d still be pretty clueless. However if their profile is a http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMHT0011501/?report=details bit more open, then more information about them will be displayed, like where they"re from, where they"re working at, and so on.

It"s a pretty nifty update but unfortunately it seems that only countries such as the US, UK, France, and India will be receiving the update first. The update should be available on both iOS and Android platforms, so you might want to keep an eye out for the update if this sounds like a particularly useful feature for you.

. It could have been a friend of a friend you zofran birth defects wisconsin met once months ago, or it could be someone you met at an event who recently found your Facebook profile. This information will be displayed when chatting with someone for the first time who might not be on your friend"s list, or for people whom you"ve not chat with in a long time.

However it should be noted that the information shown will be limited to what the other user has allowed