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Re: Unfortunately, the process has stopped.I find this prob ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!! I can’t find a approach ANYWHERE to fix it, fittingly I even have to manufacturing unit reset my tablet every few weeks. Its approach lesser for me, tho. After it starts doing "Unfortunately, the process has stopped." for a while, then it can start off wise saying it for EVERYTHING!!!!!! Hangouts, Play store, Play music, ANYTHING I even have installed by the side of there untill I find sick of it and manufacturing unit reset!!!!!!plzzzzzz help!!!!! I even have observed, tho, that It won’t start off until my wifi turns on (which takes a while typically), fittingly which may trouble something to do by it...Re: Unfortunately, the process has stopped. Originally Posted bySantosh Kulkarni I have upgraded to Jelly Bean 4.1.1 and submit that I have started being paid this inappropriateness. I have completed all the below excersise - Enabled the download manager - removed the google record and added back - Removed all cached - Internet synch Can sombody please help me as the google fun store has stopped effective as properly as a result of this inappropriateness

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My android dump has an error message that keeps poping saying Unfortunately, Frequent Apps has stopped. It does not permit me know which one. How can I fix this?I breakfast a galaxy tab 2 once I unlock display it says unfortunately the process com.Google.process gapps has stopped tried everything how do I fix thisThe app information for Downloads (by the side of myGalaxy S3 ) and Download Manager is a tool totally different than other apps, as a result of the uninstall buttby the side of is replaced by a neutralize buttby the side of. To fix the has stopped fallacy, you simply have to press neutralize and then enable it once again.

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Re: Unfortunately, the process has stopped.Thanks for this answer. Just enabled my download manager and my telephone’s perked in the air decidedly.It was inactive and sluggish after I had stopped a download, and this e-mail stored popping in the air, frozen the telephone now and again. Am not techy fittingly this answer really really helped. Thanks again!
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Re: Unfortunately, the process has stopped.I signed in the air for this forum just correspondingly I might make a payment THANK YOU. My gmail and playstore stored crashing and this one only some thing did the con to fix both!!! thank you again.