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Pueraria Mirifica Supplements KWAOTIP THAI FDA. G. 187/42

Kwaotip can be a premuim grade Thai conventional organic method taken primarily from White Kwaotip Krua (Pueraria Mirifica). After a long time of research from Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart, the reports suggested that herb shows estrogenic and rejuvenate consequences to the female body particularly at the breast, hip, cosmetic skin, body skin, hair and oral epithelium. Therefore elevate the look of the feminine secondary sexual faculties and also skin beauty. Identify more on this affiliated web resource - Click this URL: guide to jack rabbit sex toy.

NATURAL And Organic Supplement

Hight Phytoestrogen (especially isoflavonet ):

*Increases awareness and vitality

*Promotes soft bright hair,keeps hair pattem bone calcium accumulation

*Enhances breast and skin appearance

*Serves being a anti-wrinkle representative

*Enhances physical and mental ability

*Serves like a fountain of youth

Ingredients: Pueraria Mirifica and other herbs (60 capsules per package)

Proposed Dosage: Just take 2 tablets after break fast and dinner. I learned about thrusting vibrators by browsing Yahoo.

Precautions: - Not for women under 20 years old.

- Women with developing tumor at the breast, ovary, and uterus.

- Pregnant women and breast feeking mother must avoid using the product.

- Women that are using birth-control pill should not take the product.