2014 small spacing pretty good dividends in 2015 is still the primary force

In the earnings viewpoint, it is actually clear that a tiny spacing display trend is notably clear, merchandise profitability drastically improved. Display is anticipated to force a tiny pitch. Show marketplace after many years of shuffling, the pattern has stabilized. Industry capacity through the industry point of view, lately, its development price was secure at 20%.--www.agapeled.cn


Aiming to the potential, as technological innovation advances and value reductions will promote the further promotion of compact spacing show goods, the modest distance amongst LED substantial screen show market will progressively employ alternate. It is actually reported that large-screen show market place dimension with the industry is about 8 billion a 12 months, though in 2014 Liard, Abby, Chau Ming Technologies shipments plus total less than 1 billion, indicating that the business is only about 12% penetration, so 2015 will LED is often a smaller spacing 12 months of fast development, business penetration is expected to increase from 12% to 25%.


Greater polarization, merger integration will likely be an irresistible trend


While in the fierce industry competition, the survival with the fittest has become the fundamental criteria, the marketplace from some companies, although also stimulating some enterprises bigger and more powerful. .


Total, merger integration LED show enterprises have become an irresistible trend. The results will likely be the acquisition of LED show enterprises powerful stronger along with the weak out of the situation, polarization will likely be more clear, but not irrespective of whether the place is in such a merger problem, to varying degrees, will It will promote the balanced working on the market.


LED screen businesses concerned from the media sector, extending from manufacturing to promoting media marketplace


Using the past two many years, LED show market revenue margins carry on to become squeezed, outdoor marketing media marketplace is rising by a lot of LED display manufacturers of all ages, there are plenty of LED display enterprises are also actively boost the layout of outdoor media sector, these corporations are frequently by epitaxial acquisitions to achieve enterprise growth. Wherein the joint development of photovoltaic especially evident.


2014 by the acquisition of sharing media, from LED display professional effective transition on the "new Digital Outdoor Media Group." The firm opened the outdoor advertising industry from "suppliers promoting media advertising operator," the Flex perspective. Union Investment was established in 2012 to create the photovoltaic joint culture, to the LED outside promoting, has taken the 1st phase from the gadget for the media cross-border; in 2013 spent 860 million yuan acquisition of media sharing, in-depth layout of your outdoor marketing market, total through the media towards the support The 2nd stage. For straightforward attain and YOUTOP public mergers and acquisitions, new Digital Outdoor Media Group tamp foundation to turn out to be the largest communications tools makers and into PR and digital companies sector, from a public relations media to your third phase.


LED display enterprises should picture the promoting media sector chain downstream extension, seeking to vertically integrated market chain to realize growth inside their personal overall performance. According on the company predicts that by 2015 China outside LED display marketing market place will greater than 2.seven billion yuan, when used in displays of outside media sector demand is developing at a 25% annual development rate. By 2015, the trend LED show enterprises involved within the media will continue.

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