Wise choice to choose silk yarn from Consinee

We Consinee are focus on pure natural fiber knitting yarn over 15 years, and silk yarn is also our important class both in Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter series.
In our 2016 Spring/Summer series, we promote pure silk yarn and silk blended yarns that mainly blended with cotton and linen, counts from NM2/28 to NM2/240.
In our 2016 Spring/Summer series, we mainly promote silk blended yarns that mainly blended with cashmere and wool, counts from NM2/28 to NM2/68.
All of our silk yarns are made up of top grade 5A Mulberry Silk Fiber that can benefit our human body the best. With the honor of "green fiber", pure natural mulberry silk is the preferred natural environmental protection personal material suggested by United States federal government.
It is light, soft and comfortable, also anti-mite, anti-bacterial, and anti-allergy and brings good feeling to our skin. It can keeps good and constant temperature for human body. The mulberry silk fiber contains the highest “void volume” among all kinds of other fibers and that’s why it can make us feel warm in winter and cool in summer.
Silk also has good moisture performance. The mulberry silk external protein contains a kind of special material which is called the “chemical force side chain amino acid” that can absorb the moisture in the air, and ruled it out.
High quality spun silk yarn is also easier to work with though it is more slippery than cotton or wool. It can bring your silk knitwear an entirely different life. It can be made for shirt or dress in Spring/Summer or cardigan or scarf in Fall/Winter. People experience its comfort and also enjoy a healthy and fashion life style.