The line of production and usage of hand-hold tape dispenser

Those prevalent hand-hold tape dispenser constituted by 12-15 components. Those components consist of plastic,iron sheet,screw,and spring. So, if we want to make a hand-hold tape dispenser ,we will need 3-4 plastic molds . 1-2 punch molds , some matched screws and springs .


 Firstly verify the molds ,immediately after that we've to purchase the material plastic .(like ABS,PS,PP), Then we ought to turn the color we need by mixing machine ,put the plastic material in to the injection molding machine ,and make the plastic parts. Finish this ,we use the punch molds to male the iron sheet . When we finish all of these ,we'll assemble goods with assemble line, we put them inside the box final.


 The usage is quite easy, Just match the tape about the tension-er and feed the finish beneath the roller,sticky side down ,then with just on hand ,You are able to dispense tape.