Feeling for the various crafts

I don’t know how to express the feeling now about the crafts. Every time when I saw the crafts from China crafts suppliers, I would happy that I can buy some of them if I have enough money for that. Do you have the same feeling as me when I talk about this?


Sometimes you just want peace in your whole day without anything to do just stay at your bed and thinking something freely. That is my desire sometimes. I’m work outside far away from my family. There is no family in my office, no friend in my way to the house I rent which means I just lonely enough. You will get that you will happy with this kind of loneliness when you used to it. Now I just hold my Teddy bear when I sleep. On the weekend, I would buy salable and personalized keychain and write something on it to remember the days I have been though which are meaningful. Now I can get used to the life I’m. Are you still sad with your work? Are you still upset with your life? Are you still confused with the future? Just stay alone and think it clearly. I believe one day you will figure out what you want in your daily life.


Now I have collected the coins from the year of 1991 to 2014 which means a great success for me. All of these coins are customized commemorative coins in China. Do you want to share your feelings about the various crafts? I’m here waiting for you guys.