Letter to Santa

There is no saint just as busy as the famous Santa Claus. There is no saint that is more popular than he is. You might say, that all he's doing is just delivering gifts one night a year. He's working once a year and after that he's on holidays in Hawai! Well, guess what! No, he's not, not at all. After all, someone has got to be the head of the entire gigantic elfish toy factory, where tiny elves are singing  with their high-pitched voices and dancing all the time. Someone has got to look after this whole big business. Please, let's not forget about the reindeers. We are not quite sure whether they are extremely smart animals, but, someone has got to train them! And train them well - it's not easy to fly without wings, right? It also cannot be easy to fly, while you are pulling the sleighs with a fat guy inside and a bag of gifts, in which there are almost 8 billion gifts. That is quite a lot, so I belive someone has got to take care of raindeers during the whole year. And guess who does that. That's right - Santa does.

If he's such a busy saint, don't you think it would be nice to write a letter to Santa? To thank him for all the effort he puts into every single Christmas, to thank him for all of your previous gifs and Christmas, to thank him for your parents (in the future you'll understand fully why), to thank him for basically everything! And yes, we do believe that while you are living on the North Pole it's rather pleasant thing to gain more and more letters from people from all around the world, so don;t hesitate, and write a letter to Santa. In your letter to Santa you can also tell him about your Christmas, about your traditions, food, your relatives. Of course Santa Claus knows about whether you were a good child during the entire year, but still - it would surely be a great thing to read about it in a letter! So please, plaese, please, don't hesitate no more and write a letter to Santa. He is waiting for all your letters, from every single one of you. We know, that you might have been writing letter to Santa when you were younger, and that you don't write to him anymore, because you've never recieved an answer. But hey, Santa's rather busy, don't you think? So, if you have only given up writing letter to Santa Claus, because of your mailbox did not recieved the letter from Santa Claus, then shame on you! He's doing a great buisness throughout the entire year and you were cross with him for not writing to you?! Shame! And think about it - if you take the accomplishment of your work and how much time you spend on the accumulation of tasks  aside. Santa Claus was like that, but fortunately now has the time to respond to every letter. Take your sheets of paper, take your pen and now send your letters to the North Pole and tell all your friends that Santa has a new hobby, and the hobby is replying for letters! Write your letter to Santa ASAP!