Cooperatoin with people

=We has human being we Need to cooperate so as we can achive our goals. Every human being is been born with His own idea or with unique ideas. So if we cooperate with one another. We can share our unique ideas and make a strong idea which can penetrate the obstacle so as we can Keep going on the in the way to success. =Many of human beings fail Just because when they succeed they forget Who helped Them to gain success. they feel as they are great than those Who helped Them to achieve success. They even abuse the ones Who helped Them.They forget that cooperation with those other people is the thing which lead Them to success. Ussually after few days they move from success to failure. After they fail they start to remember the ones Who they cooperated with till they achive success =We Need friends so as we can cooperate with Them through sharing different ideas.But we Should make sure that what you share with your friends good ideas not Keep talking non sense