Buying sales leads to power your telemarketing lists is a great way to quickly ramp up your outbound

1. Know where your leads came from - Understanding where they come from before purchasing them can make a difference between buying quality leads and leads that may never convert. For example, if they fill out information cards as part of a "win a vacation for two" incentive program may not be as serious as people who have filled out a contact request form after searching for a specific keyword related to your offer. try me
2. Find out how fresh they are - When buying leads for mailing or telemarketing lists, you’ll also want to know how fresh the leads are. For example, are leads on a new homeowner list over six months old or are the babies on your new parents list already out of diapers? If so, the leads will be less likely to convert than those who have just moved in or recently given birth.
3. Be prepared to contact leads ASAP - It doesn’t matter how fresh your sales leads are if you fail to act while they’re hot. In fact, you may even pay a premium to get the freshest sales leads possible, but if you ignore them, the leads will go stale. Waiting to contact fresh leads means missing out on that critical window of opportunity where your prospects are engaged and interested in hearing your offer. Not only may your leads have lost interest between the point of origination and your phone call, a competitor could have beaten you to them.
4. Use a sales lead management tool - Numerous sales lead management tools are available, some of which blend lead management with customer relationship management. By using a tool to important, prioritize, and manage your leads, you can make sure that leads are promptly contacted by a sales agent familiar with their specific needs. For example, if you sell home improvement and interior design services to new homeowners, you may have some sales agents who specialize in fencing and home security systems and others who are better suited to sell window coverings and flooring.
5. Have a follow up plan - Is your outbound marketing campaign strictly focused on the initial call or do you plan on nurturing leads through the sales funnel? It may take several calls or mailings before a lead converts. Make sure you have a plan, and a system, in place to follow up with your leads.
6. Know when to remove a lead from your sales funnel - No matter how well leads are qualified, some will never convert or aren’t a good fit for your services. Identifying and removing these poorly matched leads from your list allows you to focus on better qualified leads.
Get the most out of your sales leads by understanding where they came from and following a solid plan that includes a prompt response and follow-up.