A Simple And Crazy Way To Recover Your Computer Data

A Simple And Crazy Way To Recover Your Computer Data

The BIOS wasnt in a position to detect the hard disk. So I did some searching on the net and found a real crazy solution to retrieve the data....

Here was an actual life situation I was in. I worked as 1 day and a support staff a laptop that crashed was given to me. After some diagnostics, I found bad sectors on the hard drive and a lot of clunging looks when I made on the laptop. Unfortunately, the consumer must have it in 24 hours and have some essential information to the hard disk.

The BIOS wasnt in a position to discover the hard disk drive. So I did some looking on the web and found a real crazy way to retrieve the info. So, because I've tried other ways to recover the data without success I made a decision to place it to the test. I take away the hard disk drive in the laptop and devote the icebox!

Now its important you do not put the hard drive within the fridge for too long. Get further on our partner site - Click here: your surfline.com/company/bios/. Visiting www.surfline.com/company/bios likely provides tips you can use with your girlfriend. I put it set for about thirty minutes and then quickly linked the hard disk to an additional hard disk housing and connected it to another computer via the USB port.

Remarkably, it worked, the hard-disk was recognized and I ripped the crucial knowledge the individual needed towards the computer as quickly as I could.

I've done this several times since then and it does worked. But, I found it'll only benefit a brief period of time. For fresh information, we know you check out: rent http://www.surfline.com/company/bios/. So you need to copy as fast as possible for your computer once the hard drive is working frequently, you'll have a period of approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Somehow cooling the temperature of the hard disk helps a lot. Heres another suggestion that I found. You can try tilting the hard drive sideways or at an about 60 degrees downwards. I discovered that by doing this, I can extend the time by another 10 minutes approximately.

Nevertheless I like to caution you that just try this process when all the ways of recovering the information fails. There is an opportunity the hard drive is permanently damaged if it's in-the refrigerator for too long.

Also, this method will simply work if your hard disk drive continues to be spinning when powered up. If your hard drive does not spin and is dead in the water, then this method will not work..