Dear ela blog #15

G why?

why do i feel like this. pag naiisip ko ung nakaraan nag kakaroon ako ng wonder.

G no. because kasi where same.same in blood same in name.same in people.cousins

but why do i feel this?

G did you make this or did i make this feeling.

i dont understand?


everytime i see him i feel like out of nowhere.mindless or something else why?

its bee like slowing motion.


just like i want to see him always why?

feeling like i like him?


but G true love never come like this diba why.

i know its wrong.

im tring to forget him G but i cant my heart always finding the way.

but my heart knows its not the rigth time but my heart also said hes the one.

but i still wondering about it?whats the big answere G?