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ArcheAge is a MMORPG game developed by Korean developer called Jake Song and his company XL Game. The game was first introduced in Korea in 2013 and then it was released elsewhere in 2014. It received rave reviews and has since become a favorite amongst gamers. ArcheAge is described as a ‘sandpark' MMORPG game which is a hybrid of ‘sandbox' and ‘themepark'. The game offers a zone less world with first or third person view. Apart from combating the usual way, the game also offer naval combats wherein players need to ready ships and equip them with weapons and warriors so that they can combat against sea monsters or other players.

Once you have created your character, you are now free to explore the landscape and do whatever leases you. You can complete quests or get into combats, there are no restrictions whatsoever. Therefore the game is one of its types and lets the player decide the course of game.

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Just like every other MMORPG, ArcheAge too requires in-game currency so that characters can be developed better, weapons can be purchased and other trades and upgrades be carried out. There are a number of ways to earn ArcheAge EU gold at extremely discounted price. Some of the common ways include, trading, completing quests, fishing, trade packs, piracy etc. These basic methods are used by players to earn gold which is then used for various purposes. However there is another easy route to earn ArcheAge gold; that is by exchanging real-life money for in-game ArcheAge EU gold. Such an arrangement is being used extensively by gamers.

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