6 Unexpected Side Effects of Fat Burners

Side Effects of Fat BurnersThe health and wellness field has been getting more and more cases of obese and overweight people, or even people who are of a higher-than-normal weight but still intend to lose fat through artificial means such as fat burning pills over a regular workout routine or a diet or eating healthy. While they may be effective by boosting metabolism, they may accompany some undesirable side effects. Still not convinced? Have a look at those 'undesirable' side effects of fat burners:

Dehydration: Fat burners increase the risk of getting dehydrated to a huge extent, especially during during exercise or when in hot weather. These medications or other substances mostly have either caffeine or ephedrine which has been known to speed up weight loss and causing dehydration while do so. Removal of water may not be a big deal as it can be replenished, but during intensive workout or when you are unaware of the dehydration taking place in your body can cause headaches. In certain cases, you may even pass out due to dehydration.

Increased Blood Pressure: As mentioned earlier, mostly every fat burner pill does its magic through speeding up metabolism, making the body need more energy, which is provided by burning fat. But popular ones such as ephedrine has been known to cause a side effect while doing so. Increased heart rate and blood pressure caused by this compound indirectly causes a decline in blood circulation too.

Worsened Mental Condition: Excessive use of fat burning pills have been shown to cause side effects on an emotional and mental level too, according to research conducted at the Vanderbilt University. Examples of these mental side effects include aggressive behavior, mood swings, nervousness, anxiety and, in worst cases, possibility of self harm too.

Suppression of Appetite: While it is certainly a good thing to eat everything in a moderate quantity, suppression of appetite caused by fat burning pills is done through manipulation of hormones inside your body, tricking your brain into feeling that you are full. The side effects of these pills are anxiety and heart attacks (in extreme cases). Besides, their effectiveness also decreases as your weight starts decreasing.

Fat Blockers: There also exist other types of fat burners which are prepared from a shellfish derivative called chitosan. When this substance is introduced into the body, it prevents the absorption of fat in the body by binding itself on the food. These are associated with side effects as well. They also block other nutrients' absorption in the body along with fat absorption, and the bounded fat stays in the stomach, causing diarrhoea, stomach pain, and leakage.

Death: Death is the most unlikely, but obviously the most dangerous side effect of having fat burning pills. It won't be a direct cause-and-effect relationship, but they are certainly associated with increased health risks, since they are not approved by the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The administration banned the use of the specific fat burning pill known as ephedrine after it caused the death of a famous athlete.