How to program injector with Renault CAN Clip V145 diagnostic tool


Renault CAN CLIP v145 OBD diagnostic interface

Install V145 diagnostic software and perform a pre-diagnostic on the system (scan all vehicle’s ECU). Print out the system fault finding log. Connect Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic tool with vehicle via OBD socket. Read the faults present.

SC002 Enter Injector Codes command is performed after replacing the injectors, and only if the vehicle is configured with IMA (ET104 "Exploitation of injector codes" to "YES"). If this command is not performed, DF276 "Learning injector codes" error code will be present. (You can refer to the Renault CAN Clip manual or Renault after sales service for the error fault finding list)



Q and J letters and 0 and 9 numbers are not used in the IMA codification. Any enter codes with one of these characters will be invalid. The n°1 cylinder the cylinder located at flywheel side.

Step by step procedure:

1) Raise the alphanumeric codes to 6 characters engraved on the upper body of the injectors

2) Select the cylinder number involved in the "Desired" column, and validate it.

3) Enter the code injector pointed to the associated cylinder.

4) Fill the new codes for each cylinder, and validate.

5) Once the SC002 Enter Injector Codes comman