The Japanese stationery "2011 Very best Design Award" transportable tape dispenser "notchless"

Recently a lot more and more people pay focus to stationery. Stationery convenient and beautiful look attracted the interest of a large number of customers. That is today's hot commodity regions most prone. In this context, Japan SEMPRE headquarters optimistic about a new commodity - Portable Tape Dispenser "notchless". This tape dispenser by the chairman in the Japanese architectural firm Kikuchi Yasukuni Yasukuni keep improvement and design, utilizing precisely the same tape because the blade cut cutting style, you can get no jagged linear incision.


Not merely cut stunning, but usually do not worry concerning the tape in the jagged element split, or the adhesive surface with film curling, extremely hassle-free to work with. Head technology has been patented. With original capabilities and wonderful curves till the tip excellent design and style, the item won the Japan Design and style Promotion Organization "2011 Finest Style Award."


Also, the item also received the German North Rhine-Westphalia Design Center sponsored the "2011 Red Dot Design and style Award (founded in 1955)," and sponsored by the Korea Association of Industrial Designers "Pin-up Design and style Award."


When loading the tape operation is incredibly uncomplicated, just one-sided transparent cover removed to install. Appear species from the tape, cellophane tape acetate base substrate tape along with the "invisible tape" that can be applied. But far more appropriate for acid substrate tape to make use of. Also note that when utilizing tape besides the above-mentioned two substrates, often not obtainable or hard to cut a straight line reduce situation.