2K Electronic Medical Records Announces Partnership with SpringCharts Electronic Health Records



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2K Electronic Medical Records Declares Alliance with SpringCharts Electronic Health Records

2K Electronic Medical Records to-day announced that they are giving SpringCharts Electronic Health Records alternatives. This system is meant to supply a comprehensive health history interface for medical procedures. Using the amazing efficiency and quantitative data input functions, this system has garnered worldwide interest and praise.

Redondo Beach, California, February 5, 2008 SpringCharts EMR, an award winning computer software solution for health record requirements, is currently provided through 2K Medical Records. We found out about Petforu Announces Dog And Cat Collar With Pet Tracker by searching books in the library. SpringCharts EMR is more than a simple ingredient program, although. This system has the potential to improve office processes, reducing time and manpower costs. With the growing need to lessen the expense of medical care, this program displays the capability to substantially improve interoffice functionality.

SpringCharts EMR gives HIPAA compliance with user constructed safety settings, the capability to limit access to any monitors charts or data and a lot more. In addition, SpringCharts EMR provides an individual system func-tion with realtime views of individuals and instant update of data, an appointment scheduler able to multi user functionality and c-omplete integration with other elements and a tasks/to do record. Get new info on our partner article - Click here: http://www.foxnebraska.com/story/29097948/petforu-announces-dog-and-cat-collar-with-pet-tracker. The automated correspondence feature allows tailor-made templates and is integral with the system. Clicking http://www.klkntv.com/story/29097948/petforu-announces-dog-and-cat-collar-with-pet-tracker likely provides tips you can give to your co-worker.

SpringCharts EMR templates offer the ability to use company types as templates for future use, the creation of custom templates together with mini-templates and appear templates for in depth information typing. Using standard protocols and procedures, many redundant office processes are automated by this product.

For additional information about SpringCharts EMR, visit http://www.2kmedicalrecords.com, or call 866-350-4406

About 2K Medical Records Located in Redondo Beach, California, 2K Electronic Medical Records is dedicated to getting one of the most functional software aid possible to medical offices, hospitals and private practices. Get more on our favorite related web site - Click here: Petforu Announces Dog And Cat Collar With Pet Tracker. Their modern type of products gives ease of use, balance and full operation..