The development trend of auto parts

The development trend of auto parts

     Auto parts production is the basis of vehicle production. without a powerful component industry as a support, the automotive industry must be vulnerable. Global parts enterprises correspond with the oems. The development scale of auto parts industry is not only related to whether we can keep up with the pace of world, but also related to the orientation of the development of automobile industry, so the development mode will undoubtedly play a crucial role.

1, The independent brand and innovation

    As the basis of automobile industry, auto parts is the essential factor to support sustained and healthy development of automobile industry. Especially in the current automotive industry are vigorous to carry out independent development and innovation, so the strong system for support becomes more impendency. Vehicle independent brands and technology innovation need spare parts as a basis, however, the independent innovation produces impetus for the development of vehicle industry. They are mutual influence and interaction.

2, Establish the idea of global competition

    The industry pattern of the world car industry is undergoing change. With the new round of the merger and reorganization, vehicle and auto parts oligopoly has been significantly appears. It has become the consensus that the vehicle and parts enterprises should form the idea of both competition and cooperation. Global sourcing, which is based on " best procurement principles ", is becoming widely used in vehicle business. In the future, the specialization of the vehicle and parts enterprises will be more clear, namely the automobile enterprise is engaged in vehicle design, assembly and brand; Parts enterprises are responsible for modular, systematic design and manufacture. Therefore, our parts industry must establish the idea of facing global competition idea and comply with the trend of world auto development.

3, Gradually form the interests’ community of the vehicle and parts enterprises

     In the development process of the automotive industry, vehicle and auto parts enterprises is actually a interests’ community. The strong brand of automobile enterprise depends on spare parts business which should have advanced technology and management, reliable quality and reasonable cost; At the same time, the sale of vehicle provides a stable market for the auto parts enterprise. Therefore, this is a coexistence relationship between them. Only advance together, they can win common development.